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    Words can make the difference…
    by Milly Johnson
    2018/05/11  |  Features  |  

    I had a lovely surprise message last week from a taxi driver in London whose cab I’d been in last year.  He wanted to thank me because I’d played a part in him upping sticks, quitting the rat race and buying a beautiful auberge in France. Now much as my …

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    Passport? Tick. Itinerary? Tick. Nerves? Tick!
    by Kate Furnivall
    2018/05/10  |  Features  |  

    At last. It’s here. Blast-off time. Today The Betrayal and I set off on a book tour. Excitement chez Furnivall knows no bounds. The house is echoing to the screech of suitcases being hauled out of the loft. Wardrobe doors slam as outfits are chosen and instantly rejected, and let’s not forget …

  • bookclub
    #bookclub Feature – Best Practice
    by SJV
    2018/05/10  |  Features  |  

    After a brief hiatus whilst publishing dates caught up with our #BookClub schedule, I’m delighted to share a couple of fabulous reviews for #BestPractice, the third in the Penny Parkes #Larkford series.  We publish the paperback edition on 28th June, but you can pick up the eBook right now for …

  • face
    by SJV
    2018/05/09  |  Features  |  

    As you may have noticed, I’ve not written a new column for a couple of weeks… that’s not to say I haven’t had anything to say, it’s just you know…  ‘stuff’ gets in the way sometimes right?  Like organising the S&S Sales Conference at London Wetland Centre (you MUST go, …

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    Is book shaming the new body shaming?
    by SJV
    2018/04/25  |  Features  |  

    TV is so much better these days, right? In no particular order I’ve loved Happy Valley, Handmaid’s Tale, Doctor Foster, Marcella, Big Little Lies, Line of Duty, Sherlock, Taboo (still watch this on repeat when it’s a ‘herding cats’ kind of day), Luther, Fleabag, Unforgotten, People Just Do Nothing, The …

  • Catherine
    You Me Everything…
    by Catherine Isaac
    2018/04/24  |  Features  |  

    The last seven days have felt like the week before my wedding and not just because publication day also involved flowers and quite a lot of cake. I’ve had that similar bubbling undercurrent of adrenalin, when all the detail that’s been in the planning for more than a year finally comes together. First …

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    Spring has finally, gloriously, sprung…
    by SJV
    2018/04/17  |  Features  |  

    Here we go chaps. Spring has finally, gloriously, sprung… I skipped to work yesterday with a renewed sense of hope and resilience despite the cancellation of the 6.22am for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER and the closure of Chancery Lane tube station due to ‘staff shortages’, despite the fact that I’ve …

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    Louise Candlish on book dedications
    by Louise Candlish
    2018/04/16  |  Features  |  

    Agatha Christie famously dedicated The Secret Adversary ‘To all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they may experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure’. It’s a dedication as artful as any of her plots, at once generous and damning: who of us wants to …

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    Losing My Serial Writing Virginity
    by Victoria Walters
    2018/04/09  |  Features  |  

    When Simon & Schuster asked me to write a serial for them, I was excited to try a new writing challenge but then I saw the deadlines when I had to write it by, and I was slightly daunted too. Whenever I’ve written a novel before, I have written a …

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    Here we go again….
    by SJV
    2018/04/09  |  Features  |  

    At the risk of repeating myself, here we go again. Tomorrow, LBF 2018 kicks off and the entire UK publishing world will set up camp in the halls of Olympia for 3 days of yada yada yada, shoe envy, tote collecting and sarcastic raised eyebrows. Those of us who work …