• helenwarner
    An Open Letter to Kate Middleton
    by Helen Warner
    2011/04/05  |  Features  |  

    Dear Kate Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage.  How happy you must feel, yet how terrified too.  Getting married to a commoner is daunting enough but marrying the future king of England propels you into a whole new stratosphere.  Or does it?Marriage is so complex and difficult whoever you are and, …

  • aliharris
    The Name Game
    by Ali Harris
    2011/02/28  |  Features  |  7 Comments

    Being eight months pregnant with my second child I’m currently name-obsessed. You’d think it’d be easier second time round but, once again, I find myself putting aside my much loved chick-lit bedtime reads for an altogether weightier tome. No, not War and Peace (been there, tried it, gave up) but …

  • millyjohnson
    The Essence of a Romantic Meal
    by Milly Johnson
    2011/02/04  |  Features  |  

    For me, there are few things more romantic than a partner cooking for you.  Food and sex have always been entwined and a partner who takes care to lovingly prepare a feast for you, well, you just suspect they’re going to be equally as good in the bedroom department. Mind …