• santamontefiore
    The Allure of Ruins
    by Santa Montefiore
    2013/07/18  |  Features  |  

    High up on the cliffs, overlooking the Irish Sea, is an old stone castle. Its empty eyes stare vacantly out at a horizon that is always the same yet forever changing in colour and cloud. One of the towers stands hollow but proud while the other has long since crumbled …

  • cjflood
    Truth and Fiction in Infinite Sky
    by C.J. Flood
    2013/07/04  |  Features  |  

    A lot of people ask me how autobiographical Infinite Sky is, and the truth is, it’s hard to say. The story begins a few weeks after thirteen-year-old Iris Dancy’s mother leaves the family to go travelling around North Africa. Iris’s home life quickly falls into a state of chaos, with her …

  • susanelliotwright
    It’s All About the Setting…
    by Susan Elliot Wright
    2013/06/10  |  Features  |  

    As a reader, I enjoy novels with a strong sense of place because I want to be able to visualise the setting, to see the characters and events against a backdrop, whether it’s a grey, concrete city full of high-rise buildings, a wild, windswept stretch of moorland, or the golden …

  • paigetoon
    What’s in a Name?
    by Paige Toon
    2013/05/07  |  Features  |  

    Coming up with titles for books can be a tricky process, but it’s one of the most important things to get right. I thought you might like some insight into how we came up with my titles, starting with my first…Lucy in the Sky came courtesy of my brother, Kerrin …

  • janecostello
    Do I base my characters on real people..?
    by Jane Costello
    2013/04/15  |  Features  |  

    One of the questions writers are asked all the time is whether we base any of our books on real-life events or people.In my case, that bit at the front that talks about a resemblance to real people, living or dead, is spot on: virtually everything in my novels is …

  • jamiemcguire
    Inside the mind of Travis Maddox – The Difference between Men and Women
    by Jamie McGuire
    2013/04/02  |  Features  |  

    My previous four books were all written from a female POV, and had a fan not suggested that I write Beautiful Disaster from Travis’s POV, I might not have made the attempt. When I was about a quarter into the book, I sent the manuscript to Abbi Glines (author of …

  • patriciascanlan
    Why I hate starting to write a book!
    by Patricia Scanlan
    2013/03/11  |  Features  |  

    Let me say straight away, that even after the twenty-three years that have passed since my first book, City Girl, was published, that I still love writing and am so happy to be working in a job I love. I have really enjoyed writing With All My Love, my seventeenth …

  • helenwarner
    Why I became such an incorrigible match-maker
    by Helen Warner
    2013/02/11  |  Features  |  

    I love February.  As an incurable romantic, it feels to me as if Valentine’s Day casts a rosy glow over the whole month.  My own Valentine is my husband, Rob. When I tell people that I met him when I was 8 and he was 11, the reaction is always: …

  • aliharris
    The Power of Love
    by Ali Harris
    2013/01/04  |  Features  |  1 comment

    I have a confession to make. No, it’s not that I’ve spent the past month watching the John Lewis Christmas ad on a loop (I have) or that I’m a closet fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals (I am). It’s a far more serious affliction – and one that I …

  • colettecaddle
    Every Time I Say Goodbye….
    by Colette Caddle
    2012/12/05  |  Features  |  

    For me, getting to know the characters in my story is a bit like falling in love. The first meeting:  When I first came up with the characters for Every Time We Say Goodbye I had a loose idea of what they would be like but at that stage they …