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    New Beginnings….
    by SJV
    2018/07/05  |  Features  |  

    I could not be more thrilled to introduce you to a brand new series from Holly Hepburn. Now, some of you may recognise the setting and will be familiar with a character or two, because… we are returning to the Star and Sixpence for last orders!!! If you haven’t read …

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    Snowflakes and Cinnamon Swirls at the Winter Wonderland
    by SJV
    2018/07/04  |  Features  |  

    Today is a marvellous day, as I get to tell the world, yes all of you lot(!), that we have signed a new contract with the marvellous Heidi Swain. Our Sunday Times bestselling author (blows trumpet) has agreed to write us two fabulous new books, and you can get the first …

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    Notes From The Cotswolds – Everyday Heroes
    by Penny Parkes
    2018/07/03  |  Features  |  

    As an author, you become accustomed to looking deeper, to taking a peek behind the scenes, even reading the body language of the couple talking-but-not-talking at the next table in a restaurant. So, I think it’s fair to say that it takes quite a lot to surprise me. But the …

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    #bookclub Feature – The Book Ninja
    by SJV
    2018/07/02  |  Features  |  

    This week on #BookClub we have some fabulous early reviews for #TheBookNinja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus (AKA The Book Ninjas!) out now in eBook, 9th August in paperback. Could you find your perfect man by looking at his book shelf? ‘Frankie, think about it. Literature is your life. …

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    Notes From The Cotswolds – It’s all about teamwork…
    by Penny Parkes
    2018/06/21  |  Features  |  

    Hanging up the phone, I have to confess I pinched myself a little. This weird and wonderful job of mine has more layers than a mille feuille and I have to confess that it still, on occasion, takes me by surprise. That day’s unexpected request from my wonderful Editor? Did …

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    #bookclub Feature – The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton
    by SJV
    2018/06/19  |  Features  |  

    This week on #BookClub we have a round up of some of the early reviews for the wonderful #GraceTriumphs by Anstey Harris publishing in hardback and eBook in January 2019. For fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and The Keeper of Lost Things, The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton is the story of …

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    A Sense of Place
    by Rachel Hore
    2018/06/18  |  Features  |  

    Have you, like me, ever started reading a novel and felt immediately that you are right there, in the place and period of the story? Part of a writer’s skill is to create great characters who pull you into the story, but a strong setting is also vital, to make …

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    I couldn’t help but wonder….
    by SJV
    2018/06/06  |  Features  |  

    20 years ago today, Season 1: Episode 1 of the freshest, feistiest, most fabulous TV series we’d ever seen before was aired on HBO (in the US) and Channel 4 (in the UK), changing the lives of a whole generation of women forever, and the social landscape immeasurably. Inspired by …

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    #bookclub Feature – Make or Break
    by SJV
    2018/06/01  |  Features  |  

    This week on #BookClub we have some fabulous reviews, endorsements and quotes for the new novel by #DigitalOriginals superstar Catherine Bennetto – Make or Break - out now in paperback! Romantic comedy with heart, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Mhairi Macfarlane and Lindsey Kelk. Jess, a 29-year-old Londoner with a Kate …

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    G&T (Gifted and Talented….)
    by Catherine Bennetto
    2018/05/23  |  Features  |  

    I dropped my twelve-year-old son off at a new school the other day, one that he attends only once a week for ‘gifted and talented’ children to extend themselves, and was surprised to find out it was in the same building as a pub. Literally the exact same building. One …