• aliharris
    The Power of Love
    by Ali Harris
    2013/01/04  |  Features  |  1 comment

    I have a confession to make. No, it’s not that I’ve spent the past month watching the John Lewis Christmas ad on a loop (I have) or that I’m a closet fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals (I am). It’s a far more serious affliction – and one that I …

  • colettecaddle
    Every Time I Say Goodbye….
    by Colette Caddle
    2012/12/05  |  Features  |  

    For me, getting to know the characters in my story is a bit like falling in love. The first meeting:  When I first came up with the characters for Every Time We Say Goodbye I had a loose idea of what they would be like but at that stage they …

  • rebeccachance
    50 Shades/9½ Weeks: what do women really fantasise about?
    by Rebecca Chance
    2012/11/02  |  Features  |  

    What’s your ultimate fantasy? What  do you want – really, really want, as the Spice Girls would put it? To be tied up? Spanked? Have someone yell at you because you dared to sunbathe topless, and whacking you across the boobs in punishment?Hmm. Or, would your ultimate fantasy be something …

  • millyjohnson
    Getting Emotionally Attached to My Characters
    by Milly Johnson
    2012/10/03  |  Features  |  

    One of the questions I’ve been asked more than once is, ‘Do you laugh or cry when you’re writing?’ And the answer is a big fat yes. I can be found chuckling at my own jokes – which isn’t as big-headed as it sounds because often when they appear on …

  • jamiemcguire
    The Original Bad Boy: The Real Travis Maddox
    by Jamie McGuire
    2012/08/14  |  Features  |  4 Comments

    So many of my readers have asked if Travis Maddox is based on a real person. Could a womanizing, foul-mouthed charmer that you can’t help but love be out there somewhere? The short answer: Yes, yes he is. My senior year of high school, I was thrilled to learn I …

  • hollytuckersophiecornish
    How to Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table!
    by Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish
    2012/08/02  |  Features  |  

    Six short years ago, Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish were maxing out their credit cards, trying to secure investment and crossing their fingers that their idea would take off. It did, and now www.notonthehighstreet.com  is a multi-million business, a platform for thousands of independent designer-makers and retailers. Drawing on their …

  • staceydove
    My Night of Posh Frocks and Glamour
    by Creative Writer of the Year winner Stacey Dove
    2012/07/02  |  Features  |  

    Posh frocks, glitz and glamour were on the cards when Team Books and the City left the office and headed to the Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance ceremony, a prize for women’s fiction, held in June.Two of our resident authors were nominated for the accolade – Milly Johnson for …

  • paigetoon
    My Perfect Summer
    by Paige Toon
    2012/06/08  |  Features  |  

    Summer in America or England for the racing season there, and then back home to Australia for yet another summer. I didn’t see a winter until I was thirteen, and it was a couple of years later before my brother and I witnessed snow for the first time – our …

  • Always expect the unexpected…
    2012/05/01  |  Features  |  

    But sometimes it is just too unexpected to be believed. I have certainly be taken by surprise by all the extraordinary events that have unfolded since I first set out to write my novel about The Spenders – Britain’s most famous family. Dead Rich. It has proved to be one …

  • staceydove
    What to wear? Perfect clothes to snare a job…
    by Creative Writer of the Year winner Stacey Dove
    2012/04/01  |  Features  |  

    Apparently, I’m an adult.At the time of writing, there are just DAYS until I finish university and have to enter the REAL WORLD. A scary place where the flash of a student card doesn’t make Topshop that little bit cheaper and a £500 fashion allowance is an offer dreams are …