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    Christmas in New York!
    by Melissa Hill
    2015/11/24  |  Features  |  

    My most meaningful and much-cherished Christmas memory is of my very first visit to New York City in 2010. This particular trip was special in so many ways, not least because I married my husband that year, so it was our first Christmas together as a husband and wife. But …

  • scanlan_patricia_12355_1_3002
    Writing short stories is like going on a cruise….
    by Patricia Scanlan
    2015/11/19  |  Features  |  

    Writing short stories is like going on a cruise, you stop in a different port every few days, the scenery is constantly changing, and you are meeting new people all the time. When you’re writing a novel you’re in it for the long haul. Although the pile of pages is …

  • TM22
    When Holly Met Jo the Iron…
    by Holly Hepburn
    2015/11/06  |  Features  |  

    Writers do some funny things in the name of research.  Obviously I needed to visit a lot of pubs before settling down to write The Star and Sixpence but there’s nothing funny about that.  I visited a few villages in the Cotswolds too but again, that’s pretty normal behaviour.  I …

  • abby-clements
    My favourite thing about the run-up to the Christmas season…
    by Abby Clements
    2015/11/03  |  Features  |  

    My favourite thing about the run-up to the Christmas season, gingerbread aside, is the loosening of the rules that we Brits embrace so readily the rest of the year. These dark winter days are no place for calorie-counting or saying no to that second glass, and at the heart of …

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    Notes from the Cotswolds Part II – Gluten-Free Writing!
    by Penny Parkes
    2015/09/25  |  Features  |  

    Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@CotswoldPenny) will know that I have something of an obsession for finding tasty meals that also happen to be Gluten Free.  It’s a time-consuming way to live, reading every label and planning meals in advance.  It also means that I spend far more time …

  • IMG_4158 - Version 2
    Notes from the Cotswolds
    by Penny Parkes
    2015/09/18  |  Features  |  

    A friend of mine recently pointed out that I had, in her words, ‘A Very Odd Job.’  Sometimes she would find me, typing away in a world of my own, pencils sticking out of my hair and oblivious to everything but the words in front of me.  Other days, I’ll …

  • Santangelo cover photocropped
    Travel Essentials for a Long-haul Flight
    by Jackie Collins
    2015/08/27  |  Features  |  

    It all starts with the bag and the carry-on.  Clothes etc. are taken care of in the main luggage, but what travels with you is of utmost importance.  I was once on a flight with Michael Caine who carried a large black bag, and in it he had everything you …

  • Santangelo cover photocropped
    Favourite Place to Relax and Unwind
    by Jackie Collins
    2015/08/27  |  Features  |  

    Is there anywhere better than relaxing and unwinding by an azure blue swimming pool, surrounded by lightly swaying palm trees.  I am lucky enough to have my own pool, and it’s a haven of relaxation.  Who needs to swim when I can lie on an inflatable pool bed, sipping a …

  • Santangelo cover photocropped
    Best Place to have Brunch, Lunch and Tea
    by Jackie Collins
    2015/08/26  |  Features  |  

    Depending on what city I am in, the choice of where to have brunch, lunch or afternoon tea is endless.  In L.A. afternoon tea would probably be at The Peninsula Hotel, although there is no way they can compete with London, where tea at The Dorchester is a must.  Delicious …

  • Jo-Dickinson
    In Celebration of the Weepie….
    by Jo Dickinson
    2015/08/25  |  Features  |  

    Here at Books and the City we are celebrating the publication of the wonderful Who Do you Love by Jennifer Weiner on August 27th.  It is a beautiful love story and a total weepie, telling the story of Rachel Blum and Andy Landis who meet aged eight years old late …