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    The Bookshop of Second Chances
    by SJV
    2020/05/01  |  Features  |  

    We are DELIGHTED to announce that we bought not one, but TWO debut novels from our #DigitalOriginals #OneDay2019 open submissions day!  #OneDay2019 was full of so much writing talent that we ended up calling in more entries than ever before, and there were two very special stories that blew @TeamBATC away, …

  • eNeWSYcV
    The Minute I Saw You… EXCITING NEWS
    by Paige Toon
    2020/04/30  |  Features  |  

    As I was writing The Minute I Saw You, I knew that Hannah and Sonny were going to be right up there with my favourite ever characters – I couldn’t wait to share their story with you all. From the lovely messages I’ve been receiving, I know lots of you …

  • Graphic-2
    Introducing… Married At First Swipe!
    by Claire Frost
    2020/04/27  |  Features  |  

    Hi gang! It’s been a little while since I’ve seen you all – can you believe I launched my debut novel Living My Best Life seven whole months ago already? – but since September 2019 I have been beavering away on something super-exciting… So without further ado, allow me to …

  • trigiani_adriana_1_300
    Welcome home to Big Stone Gap!
    by by Adriana Trigiani
    2020/04/24  |  Features  |  

    Big Stone Gap is the story of Ave Maria Mulligan, a 35-year-old self-proclaimed spinster living in the hills of southwest Virginia, where “coal was king”. Her mother, Fiametta, is an Italian immigrant with a mysterious past her daughter must unravel. Ave Maria’s father, Fred Mulligan, was the town pharmacist, and …

  • Annotation 2020-04-22 131936
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Clare Hey
    by SJV
    2020/04/22  |  Features  |  

    Next up in our series of A Day in the Life of features is @TeamBATC member, Publishing Director, Clare Hey! What does a Publishing Director do? I head up the fiction editorial team and am ultimately responsible for the fiction list. I oversee the strategy for the publishing as a whole, …

  • heidi-swain-576635598
    It’s The Secret Seaside Escape Publication Day!
    by Heidi Swain
    2020/04/14  |  Features  |  

    Publication days are always exciting, but especially so when I am whisking us off to somewhere brand new. I know lots of you have journeyed with me to Wynbridge and Wynthorpe Hall, Nightingale Square and the Grow-Well garden in Prosperous Place, but when I started planning this summer title, I …

  • h4FaaZAF_400x400
    Introducing… Perfect Tunes
    by Judith Long
    2020/03/05  |  Features  |  

    The perfect song. The biggest dream. The love of her life. Funny, wise, and tender-hearted, Perfect Tunes explores the fault lines in our most important relationships, and asks whether dreams deferred can ever be reclaimed. Cast your mind back to the early years of the new millennium. Jeans were bootcut and low-rise. …

  • Milly Johnson (c) Chris Sedgewick
    We are the glorious counterbalance to this climate of hate…
    by Milly Johnson
    2020/03/04  |  Features  |  

    “We are the glorious counterbalance to this climate of hate”: Milly Johnson accepts the 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award from the Romantic Novelists’ Association. What an absolute honour this is. I can’t tell you what a dreamlike state I’m in.  I know it’s not a dream because I’m fully dressed and …

  • judith
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Judith Long
    by SJV
    2020/02/24  |  Features  |  

    Next up in our series of A Day in the Life of feature is @TeamBATC member, Editorial Assistant, Judith Long! What does an editorial assistant do? I work with more senior editors and their authors to get the texts of books ready to publish, as well as working on cover copy, …

  • Milly Johnson (c) Chris Sedgewick
    Behind My One True North
    by Milly Johnson
    2020/02/17  |  Features  |  

    I’ve been asked a few times where the one big idea came from for My One True North and I can’t tell you. So there you have it!  All I know is that I had a few ingredients that I wanted to throw into the pot, a sort of literary …