• pipwatkins (002)
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Pip Watkins
    by SJV
    2019/06/25  |  Features  |  

    Next up in our series of A Day in the Life of feature is @TeamBATC member Pip Watkins! What does a book designer do? The process of designing a cover starts when an editor briefs the cover in a jacket meeting, and describes what kind of cover the book needs …

  • Cover-reveal-3
    Messy, Wonderful Us
    by Catherine Isaac
    2019/06/18  |  Features  |  

    We are absolutely delighted to be able to reveal the cover for the brand new Catherine Isaac novel, Messy, Wonderful Us, which publishes in eBook and library hardback on 28th November 2019 and paperback on 5th March 2020. Here are some fabulous quotes and endorsements from some of your favourite …

  • TheSecretHoursSquare
    The Secret Hours
    by Santa Montefiore
    2019/06/18  |  Features  |  

    We are delighted to be able to share a handful of the fabulous #BookClub and #NetGalley reviews we’ve had through for the brand new Santa Montefiore novel, #TheSecretHours, out now in glorious hardback and eBook. ‘Let the wind take me and the soft rain settle me into the Irish soil …

  • digitaloriginals
    #DigitalOriginals #OneDay Pearls of Wisdom from Rebecca Farrell
    2019/06/17  |  Features  |  

    With little over a month left until Books and the City opens its doors to submissions from authors far and wide, we’ve decided to share some #OneDay pearls of wisdom, and reveal to you exactly what TeamBATC are looking for . . . As I’m sure you can imagine, hundreds …

  • Love Songs for Sceptics - pre-order
    Love Songs for Sceptics
    by SJV
    2019/06/10  |  Features  |  

    We are absolutely delighted to confirm that a novel originally submitted to us as part of our #DigitalOriginals #OneDay open submission project back in 2017, is now available to pre-order in eBook first edition – and, if you’re quick, you can request to read on Netgalley early too! Love Songs …

  • Claire byline shot2
    Living My Best Life (Going behind the filters and revealing what it’s really like to have a book published!)
    by Claire Frost
    2019/06/05  |  Features  |  

    Part 2 – Going Under Cover (seeing my name on an actual book) I’m not embarrassed to say that I love my name. Growing up, there were four other Claires in my class at school, and so often my Christian name was followed by my surname in order to differentiate …

  • Santa Montefiore
    Writing The Secret Hours
    by Santa Montefiore
    2019/05/23  |  Features  |  

    The Secret Hours was originally called The Forgotten Deverill, and I’d had the idea for some time, ever since book two of the trilogy, Daughters of Castle Deverill. I was going to weave Arethusa Deverill’s story into the narrative, but just didn’t have the space. The book was too long …

  • IMG_5897
    by Louise Candlish
    2019/05/20  |  Features  |  

    Before 13th May 2019, the best prize I’d won was a Yorkie* for coming first in a junior school handwriting competition and, after I’d offered a piece to everyone in my family, I had one chunk left. (*Young folk: the Yorkie was the chocolate bar of the 1980s, targeted at …

  • eNeWSYcV
    by Paige Toon
    2019/05/10  |  Features  |  

    Book ideas can come from absolutely anywhere. My debut novel, Lucy in the Sky, was based on my personal experiences of feeling torn between two countries – Australia and England. Chasing Daisy was inspired by my dad’s career as a racing driver and a particular crash he had when I …

  • Iona-Grey
    After the happy ending…
    by Iona Grey
    2019/05/08  |  Features  |  

    I read Claire Frost’s post about the difficulties she faced in writing her first book with a great surge of writerly empathy (and admiration – having been lucky enough to hear her read an extract of the finished and soon-to-be-published Living My Best Li(f)e I know it’s an absolute cracker!) …