• bag-essentials
    My three beach essentials
    by Team BATC
    2016/07/13  |  Features  |  

    No day trip’s complete without a beach bag overflowing with leaky water bottles, unwieldy books and other holiday ‘essentials’. But what would grab on to if you could only keep three things? We asked our authors. Dani Atkins, author of Our Song The number one beach essential in my tote bag …

  • Milly-Comp2
    With power comes great responsibility….
    by Milly Johnson
    2016/07/07  |  Features  |  

    Ask any writer how they feel about their success and I’ll bet you most of them give you an open mouth and a shrug of the shoulders and the reason for that is that we can’t quite believe we are successful.  We are scared to accept that we’re doing well …

  • 3qAsK8m-
    Pick up the pen, the keyboard, the Dictaphone – whatever – and crack on.
    by SJV
    2016/07/05  |  Features  |  

    I’ve started to write (but haven’t managed to finish) six different columns in the past couple of weeks. There was The One About the Birthday (bit too new mascara boasty), The One About RemaIN (bit too sweary), The One About the Joy of Reading Outside (less joyous when it’s pouring …

  • photo
    Top Ten Romantic Movie Moments
    by Andy Jones
    2016/06/29  |  Features  |  

    We caught up with Andy Jones recently, to pick his brains on romance, and specifically his Top Ten Romantic Movie Moments… 1. As Good As it Gets When Jack Nicholson tells Helen Hunt, “You make me want to be a better man.” For me, as a guy, I think this is …

  • heidi
    Summer at Skylark Farm
    by Heidi Swain
    2016/06/27  |  Features  |  

    When I met with my wonderful editor, Clare Hey, back in the autumn of what now seems like forever ago and she uttered the words every aspiring author longs to hear – ‘We’d like to offer you a two-book deal’ – I felt, as you would expect, ecstatic. Not only …

  • 3qAsK8m-
    GET READY FOR #DigitalOriginals #ONEDAY – 15th July 2016
    by SJV
    2016/06/15  |  Features  |  

    What do Andy Jones, Heidi Swain, Holly Hepburn, Juliet Ashton and Penny Parkes have in common.  All lovely people?  Natch.  All smart?  Totes.  And funny?  Yes, YES.  All writers?  Absolutely.  All five publishing/published under our #DigitalOriginals programme? BOOM! So here’s the news… for the third year running (on 15th July), we are throwing away, ripping up, laughing …

  • LR 013
    The Trouble With Book Two…
    by Andy Jones
    2016/06/03  |  Features  |  

    You hear people talk about second-novel syndrome.  Well, not often and not in public, but it is a recognised phenomenon.  After – in many cases – years of struggle, doubt, rejection and determination, a writer succeeds in getting a novel published.  You jump up and down, drink martinis, admit to …

  • eNeWSYcV
    Another year, another book…
    by Paige Toon
    2016/05/27  |  Features  |  

    Another year, another book, except that this time around, something feels different… The One We Fell in Love with is my tenth women’s fiction book and this is my tenth year of doing my dream job – I still pinch myself, I honestly do. But The One We Fell in …

  • 3qAsK8m-
    Not groomed, kinda bothered…
    by Sara-Jade Virtue
    2016/05/25  |  Features  |  

    It started with The Hair.  Having sported a past-my-bum mane of unruly brown curls for the best part of my adult life (post-purple Mohawk… post-skinhead…) I decided for my 40th birthday I’d Grow Up.  Get a ‘do’.  Be slick, sleek, groomed.  Have style.  But stupidly early mornings, and, let’s be …

  • 3qAsK8m-
    by Sara-Jade Virtue
    2016/05/18  |  Features  |  

    May is turning into a super month isn’t it? Leicester City won the Premiership. Recent TV highlights have included Bake Off Crème de la Crème, Line of Duty, Britain’s Got Talent, Undercover & Marcella (even if I can’t, for the life of me, work out exactly what the point/twist/conclusions were …