• sam
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Sam Everett
    by SJV
    2016/12/22  |  Features  |  

    Sam Everett, Group Manager at Hillingdon Libraries, and PPC Librarian of the Year 2016, welcome to TeamBATC and thank you so much for finding the time in your busy schedule to come and play ‘A Day in The Life Of…’. So firstly, can you tell us what exactly what a …

  • sjv
    Goodwill Hunting
    by SJV
    2016/12/13  |  Features  |  

    When it feels all hope and humanity is lost… when this cruel, heartless world lets you down… when injustice and the morally reprehensible behaviour of politicians, heads of state and big business threaten to swallow you up… when you feel alone, unloved, silenced, invisible, powerless, bullied…. when the melancholy feels …

  • IMG_4158 - Version 2
    Notes From The Cotswolds – All I want for Christmas….
    by Penny Parkes
    2016/12/09  |  Features  |  

    I have a confession to make – none of the things I want this Christmas can be bought in a store or gift-wrapped under a tree (If you listen very carefully, you can almost hear the ever-tolerant Mr P heaving a sigh of relief). Having spent the best part of …

  • Nina Pottell
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Nina Pottell
    by SJV
    2016/12/06  |  Features  |  

    Nina Pottell, book lover, Guardian columnist, Waterstones.com blog contributor, Prima magazine book reviewer, blogger and, of course, hairdresser to the stars – welcome to TeamBATC and thank you so much for agreeing to come and play ‘A Day in The Life Of…’. We know you are a total book geek, …

  • Heidi Swain author pic
    Easy Peasy Mince Pies….. guaranteed to impress without the stress!!!
    by Heidi Swain
    2016/11/30  |  Features  |  

    It was almost two years ago that I was imploring you all to embrace some seasonal baking with the recipe for my Easy Cheat Sausage Rolls and now I’m donning the festive apron again and sharing my Easy Peasy Mince Pies recipe to help celebrate one of the most popular …

  • jo3-Edit-2
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Jo James
    by SJV
    2016/11/24  |  Features  |  

    Jo James, Literary Festival expert, book trade event manager extraordinaire, book lover, book champion, ex-Waterstones event guru – welcome to TeamBATC and thank you so much for finding the time to play ‘A Day in The Life Of…’. So firstly, can you tell us your career highlights, and how you …

  • costello_jane_5218_11_300
    You + Me = Everything
    by Catherine Isaac
    2016/11/24  |  Features  |  

    Like most people, I’ve become fairly attached to my own name over the years. But there are certain jobs that require a little flexibility on these things. And while that isn’t quite as imperative for an author as, say, an undercover FBI agent, sometimes a name change just makes sense. …

  • 365
    Book Baubles!
    by Beth Stephens
    2016/11/22  |  Features  |  

    There are SO many ways to make your life more… book-y.  You can wear dresses covered in the text of your favourite novels.  You can buy chairs that are bookshelves.  There are millions of book totes to carry your cling film and oranges home in.  Wallpaper like this.  Cushions.  You …

  • HNTFILA_cover_reveal
    Five things that inspired my book
    by Catherine Bennetto
    2016/11/18  |  Features  |  

    How Not To Fall In Love, Actually is my first novel. It’s about love in all its shades of grey (not in the ‘whip me now’ sense – if you’re looking for that you’re going to be sincerely let down) and family, with all the affection/recipe demanding/comments on weight that …

  • A-Gift-For-You-Green-Out-Now
    Christmas Magic
    by Patricia Scanlan
    2016/11/17  |  Features  |  

    I was driving with my young teenage niece recently, to do a supermarket shop, when she announced, with eyes sparkling, ‘I’m SO looking forward to Christmas.’ I was surprised. She’s generally very laid back and cool about stuff. I thought Christmas would be way too childish for her now that …