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    A Little in Love…
    by SJV
    2021/03/01  |  Features  |  

    As you may remember, I bought not one, but two novels that had been submitted to us through our #DigitalOriginals #OneDay2020 open submission day, and it now gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the second! A Little in Love is the most charming romantic comedy you’ll read this …

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    Introducing… Eva Verde
    by SJV
    2021/02/24  |  Features  |  

    I was delighted to be asked, but unsure of what to write for my first Books and The City feature. It’s mid-February, mid-lockdown – what’s happening in the Verde household? Truthfully, not a lot. Like most folk, my most honest response when asked how things are lately, is that I …

  • digitaloriginals
    by Molly Crawford
    2021/02/22  |  Features  |  

    We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll once again be opening our doors to unagented submissions for #OneDay2021. Now in its eighth year, we’re keen to hear your most ‘uplifting, emotional, gripping, hilarious and unputdownable’ novel ideas. On Thursday 15th July we’re asking you to send us a one line pitch …

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    Someone I Used To Know
    by Paige Toon
    2021/02/12  |  Features  |  

    One of the things that sets Someone I Used To Know apart from all my other books is that the characters don’t jet off to another country. I’ve loved writing about sunny, summery locations over the years, including Key West and LA, Thailand, Norway, Italy, France and Spain, not to …

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    Here we are…
    by SJV
    2021/02/09  |  Features  |  

    It’s been well over a year since I last jotted down a few words for our Features page… but I couldn’t let our 10th anniversary go by without, dare I say, ‘reaching out’ to say hello. What a year we’ve all had. I don’t think, as I posted my last …

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    Notes From The Cotswolds… Home
    by Penny Parkes
    2021/02/08  |  Features  |  

    I have to confess that I’ve completely lost track of the days of the week. Somehow, knowing whether it’s Tuesday or Friday is both crucial and utterly irrelevant. Because, let’s face it, most days are pretty similar right now, walking the tightrope of emotions; from happy tears at news of …

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    A Day In The Life Of… Suzanne Baboneau
    by SJV
    2021/01/29  |  Features  |  

    I’m SO excited to have Suzanne Baboneau, the Managing Director of our Adult Publishing Division in the A Day in the Life of… hot seat!  Suzanne is in charge of EVERYTHING here at @TeamBATC, our Boss, our Mentor, and one of the most inspiring and influential women in publishing. There is NOTHING …

  • Me6
    A Day In The Life Of…. Richard Hawton
    by SJV
    2021/01/29  |  Features  |  

    I’m so excited to share the next A Day in the Life of… feature, with non other than UK Regional Sales Director here at @TeamBATC,  the BRILLIANT Rich Hawton! He’s been a huge part of the team from Day 1, has been at S&S FOREVER, and there’s NOTHING he doesn’t know about …

  • Angela_Jariwala
    Welcome to #TheCatShare
    by Alice
    2021/01/20  |  Features  |  

    Angela Jariwala’s feel-good rom com is a women’s fiction novel inspired by a true story: ‘Sometimes it’s a simple as meeting the boy next door’ We are absolutely delighted to let you know, that @TeamBATC project editor, Alice Rodgers, has bought a wonderful new novel from Abi Fellows of The Good …

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    OK Google, What Happens When A Goat Eats A Bra?
    by Holly Hepburn
    2021/01/18  |  Features  |  

    I often think about what it must have been like to be a writer in olden times (by which I mean B.I. – Before Internet).  How did you do a quick fact check on the sunset time on 23rd February, establish accident hotspots around York or clarify when the UK …