• Song for tom yellow
    Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Awareness Week
    by Alice Peterson
    2017/06/23  |  Features  |  

    This week, 19th-25th June, is the annual Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week, a week of campaigning and spreading the word across the country about the impact of this disease. I was so pleased to see Alice Martineau, the singer who inspired my latest novel, A Song for Tomorrow, featured in the …

  • LPOMH-quote-Heat
    First love is always the strongest…
    by Paige Toon
    2017/06/20  |  Features  |  

    Book ideas can come from anywhere, at anytime. It could be a news item or a casual comment made by a friend that plants the seed of an idea in your head, and then bam, bam, bam, pieces fall into place and Bob’s your Uncle. Sometimes it’s a film or …

  • jo d
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Jo Dickinson
    by SJV
    2017/06/20  |  Features  |  

    Next up in our series of A Day in the Life of… features is @TeamBATC member, Publishing Director Jo Dickinson!   What does a publishing director do? I oversee the shape, strategy and profitability of the fiction list. Most days involve meetings; if I want to edit (which I really do as …

  • Catherine
    You, Me, Everything – Judging a book by its cover
    by Catherine Isaac
    2017/06/14  |  Features  |  

    Seeing the cover of your book for the first time can be one of the best things about being an author. It can also be one of the worst. Because what makes a cover appealing, original and representative of the story are all entirely subjective matters. A stunning package to …

  • K2-150x150
    A bad case of PBS….
    by Kate Furnivall
    2017/06/13  |  Features  |  

    I’m sick. Night sweats. Lethargy. A strange emptiness that can only be filled by consuming mountains of pasta. A restless ache and voices in my head. I need help. (Well, sympathy anyway!) To be exact, I am suffering from a severe case of PBS. That’s otherwise known as Post Book …

  • Milly Johnson new author photo 2016 credit Charlotte Murphy
    So… is Chick-Lit dead then?
    by Milly Johnson
    2017/05/25  |  Features  |  

    Every so often someone rolls out the old chestnut question ‘Is chick-lit dead?’  It must be due soon as we haven’t heard it for a bit, but on a slow news day, it’ll be there – mark my words.  The newspapers will round up a few authors to argue the …

  • Catherine
    You, Me, Everything
    by Catherine Isaac
    2017/05/22  |  Features  |  

    One of the most frequently asked questions when you’re an author is: ‘Would you like one of your books to be made into a movie?’ Given that I’ve been doing my dream job for the last decade, I’d never let myself dwell on such an outlandish ambition. But I can’t …

  • Heidi Swain author pic
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…. Heidi Swain
    by SJV
    2017/05/19  |  Features  |  

    Next up in our series of A Day in the Life of… features is @TeamBATC author Heidi Swain So, what does an author do? Writes the very best books they can! Is there such a thing as a typical day, and if so what does it look like? Not really. I have …

  • IMG_4158 - Version 2
    Notes From The Cotswolds – Leaping back into Larkford!
    by Penny Parkes
    2017/05/19  |  Features  |  

    There’s a summer rainstorm pelting the windows and the world is up in arms about yet more political upheaval, but I have to confess that, for the last four days, I really haven’t noticed. Sneaking away to dive, head first, into shaping my next book in the Larkford series has …

  • face
    by SJV
    2017/05/17  |  Features  |  

    There was a time, back in the day, when extra-curricular activities were deemed just as important on a CV as further education. I know right? Before mindfulness and happiness and leaning-out or leaning-back or whatever it’s called was ‘invented’, well-rounded prospective employees with a healthy work/life balance were actively encouraged …