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    Introducing Brightwater Bay…
    by Holly Hepburn
    2019/11/11  |  Features  |  

    We are THRILLED to introduce you to the brand new series by the wonderful Holly Hepburn. In January 2020, let us whisk you away to the windswept Orkney Islands and introduce you writer-in-residence Merina Wilde and the colourful characters at Brightwater Bay . . . What better way to kick-off …

  • The Fall and Rise of Sadie McQueen - 99p pre-order Comparisons
    The Fall and Rise of Sadie McQueen
    by Juliet Ashton
    2019/10/18  |  Features  |  

    This is a novel about community, love, laughter and healing. Think Cold Feet meets David Nicholls, with a dash of the joy of Jill Mansell added for good measure. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but Cherry Blossom Mews is a miraculous place. It’s somewhere that finds you, rather than the other …

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    Snowed in at the Practice
    by Penny Parkes
    2019/10/15  |  Features  |  

    Join the residents of Larkford for a festive fling as the snow falls, secrets are revealed and romance blossoms under the mistletoe! Larkford Surgery is the heart of a tightknit community in the Cotswolds, as well as a hotbed of drama, rivalry, resentment and romance – and that’s just the doctors … …

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    The Strange Attraction of Books that Make Us Cry
    by Iona Grey
    2019/10/01  |  Features  |  

    Like most of us, I like to think I’m a fairly decent person – or at least at the right end of the spectrum between saint and Donald Trump. I know I could probably do better, but I do try to recycle assiduously (tearing the little windows out of envelopes …

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    The Christmas Wish List
    by Heidi Swain
    2019/09/19  |  Features  |  

    We’re so excited that the brand new novel by Heidi Swain, #TheChristmasWishList, is out now in both eBook and paperback, sitting on the shelves of bookshops and supermarkets up and down the country! To help get you in the mood for all things Santa related, here’s a couple of her …

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    Notes From The Cotswolds – It’s Been A Funny Old Year
    by Penny Parkes
    2019/09/17  |  Features  |  

    A year ago this week, I broke my head… Only days earlier, I remember wishing for a break, a few days to gather my thoughts after a long and busy summer. I guess the Universe had a different notion of a mini-break to mine, as I can promise you that …

  • Claire holding book
    by SJV
    2019/09/05  |  Features  |  

    Simon & Schuster UK has acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to two new books from Fabulous assistant editor Claire Frost in a deal with Tanera Simons at Darley Anderson Literary Agency. Married at First Swipe, a commercial women’s fiction novel that navigates the highs and lows of online dating – …

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    The High Moments
    by Sara-Ella Ozbeck
    2019/09/03  |  Features  |  

    Simon & Schuster UK will publish the debut novel of former fashion insider Sara-Ella Ozbek, pitched as “a filthier, more candid The Devil Wears Prada” and aimed at fans of “Fleabag”. The publisher acquired world rights to The High Moments, which is aimed at fans of Emma Jane Unsworth, Caroline O’Donoghue and shows like “Girls”. Commissioning …

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    Living My Best Life – (Going behind the filters and revealing what it’s really like to have a book published: Part 5)
    by Claire Frost
    2019/09/02  |  Features  |  

    Part 5 – It’s actually happening!!  Five years, hundreds of thousands of words and all the tears – both sad and happy – later, the day is almost upon us: yes, this week, my debut novel is finally hitting the shelves! The reviews are coming in, the blog tour starts …

  • The Glittering Hour Cover Reveal
    Designing The Glittering Hour
    by Sian Wilson
    2019/08/16  |  Features  |  

    The Glittering Hour is one of those books that was a total gift to design. There are so many rich starting points: the opulent locations, the atmospheric period setting or the playful idea of the treasure hunt – it’s a designers’ dream to work on such a book and I …