#bookclub Feature – Petra Quelch by SJV
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This week on #bookclub we have four fabulous reviews from Petra over at SW Literary Agency!


competition-Year-at-the-Star-squareA Year at the Star and Sixpence – Holly Hepburn

I loved, loved and loved A Year at the Star and the Sixpence. After I had finished reading all four parts, I felt like a regular at the Little Monkham pub! I got to know the quirky villages and bonded with each and every character well. I even shed a tear or two at the end of their story. It is an engaging, romantic and heartwarming book and the perfect companion for any reading occasion.  Sam and Nessie navigate through a few stormy waters and deal with a few hiccups on their way to rebuilt their pub, but with the support of their village friends (especially Franny, the stern postmistress) they made their year at the Star and Sixpence a fabulous adventure that brought them closer together, made them more confident and, with a few cocktails in hand, they learn the truth about their absent father.  Sam and Nessie’s love interests – Joss ( the cellarman ) and Owen (the blacksmith) – were by far the hottest fictional hunks of 2016 ( in my opinion)!  The setting is one of the things that made this book such a delight to read. The descriptions of the pub were so vivid, vibrant and cosy that it wasn’t hard to imagine sitting on one of the comfy sofas by the fire and nursing a cup of hot chocolate or a decadent cocktail ( depending on the time of a day of course!).


coming-home-to-cuckoo-cottage-9781471147289_hrComing Home to Cuckoo Cottage – Heidi Swain

The jacket for Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage has got to be one of my favourite book covers this year, it perfectly depicts the feel of the whole story!  ​Whenever I read a Heidi Swain book, I am swept away on an adventure that has a delightful storyline laced with a vintage vibe and adorable characters.  Lottie Foster is a new character that lands in Wynbridge after she has been bequeathed a charming cottage by her grandmother’s best friend, Gwen.  Lottie is a creative, down-to-earth person who finds it hard to trust people. Luckily for her, there are plenty of lovely residents ( plus one dog with a massive ego) to help her navigate the tricky waters of living in the deep countryside, and soon Lottie is pulled into a whirlwind of Wynbridge entrepreneurial activities and encourage to “think big” when it comes to her new venture.  I loved the way how Heidi Swain brings back the characters of her previous books into her new adventures. It builds up the idyllic scenery of the book so vividly, and it makes it so easy for the reader to be transported into the midst of the book plot.  Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage is packed to the rafter with romance, exhilarating village tittle-tattle and a dose of espionage/ sabotage.  Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage is yet another book you wouldn’t want to miss this summer!


competition-MillyThe Queen of Wishful Thinking – Milly Johnson

What a fabulous introduction to Milly Johnson’s captivating writing style! Milly Johnson is a bestselling and very established author, but somehow I had never read any of her books until I started to eagerly follow the promotion of her latest book The Queen of Wishful Thinking.  Not only did I adore the cover of the book but the storyline sounded very compelling, so I didn’t wait too long to purchase the book and dived in as soon as I brought it home.  From the first page, I knew I was in for an enjoyable reading treat where the theme of the story is so intriguing, and the characters are mature and compelling.  The Queen of Wishful Thinking is a fantastic book that oozes entertainment from every page. A sublime read!


Orange Blossom Days OutNow (2)Orange Blossom Days – Patricia Scanlan

I can’t take my eyes off the cover of Orange Blossom Days! It is so vibrant that I can almost smell the juicy oranges! This is the first book I have read by Patricia Scanlan but it definitely won’t be last.  She has a beautiful writing style that transported me instantly to the colourful and vivid Spanish place.  I really loved meeting all the characters of La Joya and getting to know them.  They all live in one luxurious complex and all have very different personalities that sometimes developed into neighbourly tiffs or blossoming friendships and fun, help by a copious amount of sparkling Prosecco.  Orange Blossom Days is without a doubt lovely read that kept me happily entertain right to the last page.