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Welcome to week 2 of our new #bookclub feature.

Next up are three fabulous reviews from the lovely Annette Hannah, owner of the Sincerely BookAngels blog.

competition-how-not-to2How Not to Fall In Love, Actually will have you laughing out loud from start to finish!  Emma is a lovely character who has got herself into a series of sticky situations and watching her deal with each and every one was lots of fun thanks to the humour in the writing.  Catherine Bennetto is a brilliant comedy writer and has a hilarious turn of phrase. This was a really enjoyable read.


competition-PaigeThe Last Piece of My Heart  by Paige Toon is a very gentle, sensitively written story which is both heart breaking and heart warming in equal measures.  The descriptions of both Cornwall and Thailand are so beautiful I just want to drop everything and visit them immediately. My favourite part was near the end when the title of the book is mentioned it was such a beautiful moment it made me go all mushy. This was a beautiful sensitive love story that I highly recommend.


competition-MillyThe Queen of Wishful Thinking was an absolute joy to read with lots of funny laugh out loud moments.  After a few pages you find yourself immersed back into the magical world of Milly Johnson and it was lovely to meet up with familiar characters and places such as The Teashop on the Corner.   Along with the dark times there is lots of humour in the book and a lovely tenderness that grows between the two lead characters, Lew and Bonnie, and I loved the things he said to her. The ending felt like a cuddle from a loved one for me and gave me goosebumps.   This book was even more special as Milly dedicated it to her beloved dog Teddy.  Milly delivers yet again – this book is a melting pot of love, loss, laughs, heartbreak and friendship. Make sure you keep a weekend free as once you start it you won’t want to put it down.



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