#bookclub Feature – Kate Verrier – This Love by SJV
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Welcome to week 3 of our #bookclub feature.  This week we have a review from Kate who blogs about all manner of things (including books) over on VFamilyFun.

Kate has reviewed a couple of books by @TeamBATC authors this year, including Milly Johnson and Paige Toon, but here she tells us about how much she loved the Dani Atkins novel – This Love – which is currently available for just 99p in eBook!


Wow, what an emotional read!   In no time at all I felt a connection to Sophie and her emotions became my emotions – the fear, the sadness and the unexpected happiness at having someone to help her all rolled through me as I read.

The authors words pulled me in beautifully and made me feel as though I was part of the story.  

Sophie was a gentle character who was incredibly easy to care for, there wasn’t a single thing I would have changed about her. Ben was also fabulous but sometimes I felt he was a little too perfect and the cynic in me was waiting for him to do something to mess up.  

Then I began to piece together fragments of the storyline that indicated something I really didn’t want to be true. Unfortunately it was true and it changed the whole atmosphere of the story, not in a bad way but a different way.  What followed frequently brought tears to my eyes for many different reasons.  As I whizzed through the pages I thought I had it all figured out and then, BAM, another twist came along to change my viewpoint once again.   The last few pages were read through blurred vision as the tears just wouldn’t stop – lots of tissues will be needed if you read this book.  This Love was a stunning read, emotional and thought-provoking in so many ways. It truly touched my heart!