#bookclub Feature – Best Practice by SJV
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After a brief hiatus whilst publishing dates caught up with our #BookClub schedule, I’m delighted to share a couple of fabulous reviews for #BestPractice, the third in the Penny Parkes #Larkford series.  We publish the paperback edition on 28th June, but you can pick up the eBook right now for just £2.99 if you want to dip in early! 


Petra at Pretty Fabulous says:

‘The third book in the Larkford series, Best Practice, is pure perfection…  I know it is only the beginning of the year but Best Practice is a very strong contender for my book of the year 2018 because it makes me feel all the things that reader should experience while reading a book.  I love coming back to Larkford, my dream destination. The essence of belonging and lovable community is so tangible that I feel entirely wrapped up in the characters lives.  As well as all the romantic fizzes and picturesque village life, the author so carefully weaved into the story the importance of rural health care and the impact it can have on the community and their lives.  Luckily, Larkford has the best team of doctors on hands to offer both personal and professional advice and care.  Penny Parkes series just gets better and better, and I can NOT wait for another instalment in this series.’

Rachel at Rachel’s Random Reads says:

‘From the moment I started Best Practice I felt as though I was amongst old friends, as I returned to Larkford and the wonderful array of characters there. This is an incredibly well paced book and you are thrown into the action almost from the start, and there is plenty going on with every chapter.  Elsie is as always one of my favourite characters, and even I was surprised at the new depths of friendship and kindness she was able to display in this story. Then there are doctors Holly and Taffy, who are a fabulous couple and there were instances involving them that had me welling up with tears, I as was absorbed with their story.  There are a whole range of medical conditions and issues mentioned and discussed in this book, as well as themes of friendship, community spirit, love and just generally its a book that gives off a feel good vibe.  The whole series so far has been fabulous, and I found this one the fastest of the three to read so far, presumably as I am getting used to the writing style and characters.  I am already thoroughly looking forward to and hoping for more books set around this fabulous cast of characters, especially after having just read that ending, and I want to see how they all move forwards from there.  If you are looking for an action packed book filled with both laughs and tears, then look no further than Best Practice.’



Practice Makes Perfect KF