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This week on #BookClub, we’re featuring just a handful of the excellent reviews and quotes we’ve seen for the jaw-dropping #OurHouse by Louise Candlish – out now in glorious paperback.

On a bright morning in the London suburbs, a family moves into the house they’ve just bought on Trinity Avenue.  Nothing strange about that. Except it’s your house. And you didn’t sell it.

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Linda says: ‘An absolute corker of a thriller. I didn’t so much read Our House as gulp it down.’

Catriona says: ‘Wow, wow, wow! This book is just beyond the realms of everything I’ve read before and it completely blew me away.’

Jill says: ‘Kept me gripped, on edge and Oh! that ending …’

Rachel says: ‘Is it too soon to ask for a sequel?’

Agi says: ‘An exceptional psychological suspense.’

Noemi says: ‘A gripping and immersive thriller about a broken marriage and the lies we tell to protect ourselves and the people we love.’

Melisa says: ‘Each time I set the book down I had to remind myself to breathe and would come away feeling tense.’

Alba says: ‘I probably read the last quarter of the story holding my breath and what an ending! It left me completely speechless.’

Bronagh says: ‘A thrilling tale riddled with deception and drama.’

Annette says: ‘As gripping as it is chilling.’

Simona says: ‘BRILLIANT, COMPLEX, CLEVER and just FABULOUS!!! ‘

Vicki says: ‘The Best Book Ever!’

Charlene says: ‘Will leave you gobsmacked from start to finish.’

Kate says: ‘An absorbing page-turner from the first words to the last.’

Laura says: ‘Will grab you tightly in its grip and not let you go until you’ve finished the last page!’

Sharon says: ‘I thought we had spiralled to the bottom and I knew where everything was going but no, that last twist changed many things.  The best laid plans …’

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