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This week on #BookClub, we’re featuring a some of the fabulous reviews that came in from our wonderful #TeamMilly and #BookClub members for the new novel by Milly Johnson#PerfectlyImperfect!


First up is Linda:

“THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT WOMAN by Milly Johnson is a book filled with moments – moments that will make you laugh out loud, moments that will make your heart break, and moments where you wish you could crawl between the pages and find yourself in the story so that you could help out the characters that have come to mean so much to you.  It has it all – drama, romance, mystery, and secrets – but it also sends an important message of loving yourself for who you are and recognising your own worth, and I highly recommend this excellent novel to all fiction fans.”

Next, Shaz:

“The Perfectly Imperfect Woman is much more than a romance read with conflicts, secrets and magic sprinkled throughout. And of course cheesecake (what IS the special ingredient I wonder). I wanted to slow down and savour every word but found it impossible. Milly Johnson has written another page turner that ticks all the boxes for me. Don’t miss it!”

Next, Carly:

“Wow, where do I start !!! I absolutely LOVED this book, it had such a feel good feeling to it, even though parts of it were sad there was always a happy outcome. This story had so much going on in it, it had a story in a story (you will know what I mean when you read it.) It contains so much mystery and secrets, it will keep you gripped as it did me !!! The innuendo’s in it were fantastic also, many of which I will use now!  I will be reading more by Milly Johnson for definite !”

Next, Rea:

“What a breath of fresh air this book was, it has been a long time since I have read a book that had me laughing out loud. The author had a wicked sense of humour that she poured into this storyline and made her main character Marnie react to things in believable ways. I loved the foodie element in this book it had me dribbling and craving cheesecake from start to finish, who knew there were so many different flavours of cheesecake now I need to try them all.  I loved the setting of this book, Wychwell seemed like such an idyllic village to live in and thanks to Milly’s detailed descriptions it was quite easy to visualise. Although there is a great sense of humour weaved through the storyline, Milly also touches on various topics that will tug at the heart strings too.  This was a wickedly humorous read that I wish I could go back and read for the first time again. Milly Johnson fans will not be disappointed.”

Next, Petra:

“Milly Johnson’s books are always so intriguing, charming and utterly absorbing! I love all the books I read from Milly Johnson, but this one is my favourite so far. I really did not want to leave Marnie and her Yorkshire adventure. I wanted to stay there for a little bit longer!
Marnie is an utterly perfectly imperfect lady, and her dear friend Lillian is a cracker of a character! I loved following Marnie on her adventure into Yorkshire and the intriguing and charming village of Wychwell. Readers everywhere will fall in love with these fully rounded and wonderfully inspiring due.
There are so many delightful/ stroppy/ suspicious characters found in villagers and their storyline and subplots viewing into the main plot so beautifully that you immediately feel like part of the community.
The Perfectly Imperfect Women is a juice, joyous read with wonderfully crafted characters created purely for your entertainment. The story is also inspiring, sumptuous and makes you laugh at Marnie’s amusing escapades.
Milly Johnson whipped up another fabulous book! Can’t wait for another one.”

Next, Adele:

“This latest novel by Milly Johnson was perfectly perfect!  Once again Yorkshire lass Milly Johnson has injected her warmth, humour and charm into the words spelled out across the pages.  Whether you are a fellow Yorkshire lass or lover of a story that injects so much of the cultural charm of the locality in a story you can fully appreciate the author’s love of her county.  Recognising locations brings a feeling of home and also helps the story come to life.  Milly Johnson has filled this heartwarming tale with a touch of mystery with hints of myths and legends from centuries ago that left a curse on a small village in the Yorkshire Dales.  I could feel the sparkles of magic amongst the delightful charm of the storyline.  The characters were easily recognisable and written with such warmth and you soon wanted to champion Marnie and all that was dealt her way.  The storyline had many twists and turns and was very poignant and emotive at times but there was a wonderful warm undercurrent of inspiration, fun, love and community spirit.  I was romantised by the charm of this quaint Yorkshire village and I fell in love with The Perfectly Imperfect Woman.”

Next, Suze:

“The Perfectly Imperfect Woman is a wonderful heartwarming story. I fell in love with this book from the start. It’s so sweet and original. Milly Johnson has chosen a gorgeous setting for her story. Wychwell is intriguing and stunning. I love how Milly Johnson’s colourful descriptions make it come to life in a fantastic way. It’s the ideal place for a story filled with charm, mystery and kindness. I loved Milly Johnson’s delicious descriptions of cakes and I enjoyed the warm and emphatic way she writes about her main characters. I love how creative her stories are and think The Perfectly Imperfect Woman is a true gem. I highly recommend this brilliant feelgood book that put a huge smile on my face.”

Next, Annette:

“OMG what can I say, this was magical, moving, hilarious and explosive. I’ve always loved all of Milly’s books and thought they were amazing but this is like she has smashed away the edges of the box and become a whole new, even more fantastic Milly. This book is her in paper form, I could imagine her sitting in the kitchen with a cuppa (or a Prosecco) and telling me this story. This is a master class in creative writing if ever I saw one and I’m gutted that I’ve finished it as I loved my time in Wychwell.  There was so much to this story along with such an array of interesting characters, the intrigue about the Manor House and the mystery of the pink lady ghost, Milly cleverly drip fed us the history of the village through the eyes of Lillian in the form of an old history book, and this was intertwined with flashbacks of Marnie’s heartbreak. A scenario near the end which was beautiful and I really didn’t see coming, a hunky love interest by the name of Herv and someone to hiss and boo at by the name of Titus, not to mention many laugh out loud moments as Milly’s humour shone through, provided all round entertainment. This has quickly become my favourite Milly book of all time and I sincerely hope we can revisit Wychwell in the not too distant future.”

Next, Trish:

“The Perfectly Imperfect Woman is a beautiful story with richly woven characters and an idyllic setting. I adored every aspect of this story. I loved the cheesecakes, the people and the village, possibly more than any other book that Milly has written.  It’s delicious, romantic, funny, inspiring. Just perfect.”

Next, Rachel:

“What a book! In part it’s an ode to a cheesecake, in parts it is the history of a small village in Yorkshire with all of the myths surrounding it, in parts its a story about a realistic main character who has her flaws, but ultimately has a good heart and in parts it is so many other things I can’t sit here listing its merits all day!  I absolutely loved this book, it took the reader on a rather unexpected journey, it has a few surprises along the way and generally was incredibly gripping throughout.  This is an excellent book from Milly Johnson, its just a shame it had to finish. There are some really funny bits, some more emotional sections, it touches on issues such as adoption, there are secrets to be revealed and its just an all around fabulous book.”























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