#bookclub Feature – Random Acts of Kindness by SJV
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This week on #BookClub, we’re featuring a couple of the 5* reviews for Part 1 of the Random Acts of Kindness series by new @TeamBATC #DigitalOriginals author, Victoria Walters….

Random Acts 1

Hayley : Loved it!  Made me smile and realise we need more of this in this world…

“As soon as I had read the blurb I pre-ordered, this was exactly the sort of read I needed at this point in my life and it’s good to remember the reasons we do things and that we should do a little more, for ourselves as well as for others.
 I instantly fell in love with everything associated with Littlewood and I’m not going to lie – I wish I had a coffee shop like Brew with the heart warming owners. I’m seriously sad that I don’t have that. It’s nice when you go in a coffee shop and they remember you and have banter and stuff but I long for the homely feel. Joy and Harry are gorgeous and their kindness board is so heart warming – in this day and age I need and want more of that.
 Abbie and Louise are amazing characters and I warmed to them both really quickly. They both have issues and lots going on that the other doesn’t know about but I can safely say they’re fab and their kindness pact made me smile. Anyway so this is the first part which sets the scene to the story and introduces us to everyone. Now Abbie is introduced to kindness right at the off when she mislays her bag and a fellow newcomer to Littlewood picks it up and gives chase (well follows ha).
 Que Eszter and Zoe – now these two make you smile but also make you go cold with their reasons for coming to England, Littlewood.
 All that’s left to say is part one is left right in the action and I simply cannot wait to return to Littlewood and see how this pans out.
 So now I have devoured part one I’m eager for part two BUT I also realise that I need to be kinder to myself. So in 2018 I am going to be kinder to me – do more for me? And I aim to deliver something kind on a more regular basis and I shall share what I have done.”

Petra : Loved this book!

“This is a book that is screaming kindness, cosiness, warmth and love. Victoria Walters surely knows how to bring appealing and loveable characters to life, and that plonked them right in the middle of a town that is sprinkled with the most heartwarming traits in the world: kindness. The main characters are full of intrigue, emotions and charm. I bonded with Abbie, Louise and Eszter right from the start and that is quite something special. Will Abbie find herself busy in the little town of Littlewood and will she be able to repay her act of kindness? Will Louise cope living with her sister under one roof? And will Eszter and her adorable daughter find their happy ever after in a new country? I can not wait to get my hand on the next instalment of this book. Part one of the Random Acts if Kindness made my reading heart very happy.”
9781471171581 (1) part 2Part 2 of the series is publishing on 5th February, and is available to pre-order now.