#bookclub Feature – Snowy Nights at Castle Court by SJV
2018/01/08  |  By:   |  Features  |  

New Year, brand new #BookClub feature for you – a wonderful 5* review from Catriona for Part 1 of the new Holly Hepburn Castle Court series.


“This was the perfect start to this new series from Holly Hepburn. It was also great that this was released during a really busy time of year because it is short and so it means you can steal away from everything else going on around you and enjoy a full story without feeling guilty!

This instalment in the series was great for introducing the characters we are going to be spending the rest of the series with and also introducing the setting. I think the setting of this new series is going to be one of my favourites. The way it is described in the story makes it very easy to picture. I loved that it was set in Chester too, I can’t remember reading another book set there and I’m glad its sightly further north than a lot of the books out there at the moment. It also makes for a very close knit community which I am sure is going to add some tension to future instalments in this series!

I loved meeting all the characters too of course. Cat and Sadie are great anchors for this story and I like the fact that we have two friends as the main characters as opposed to a couple or just one person on their own. The others characters in the court are all very interesting and I am sure we will unearth a few skeletons from their closet as the series progresses. They all seem very strong willed and so, as I am sure you can imagine, there have already been some tense moments, as well as some comedy misunderstandings. My favourite other characters so far are the guys who own the diner, they are great!

All in this was a great start to the series. I am glad that it has a wintry festive theme and as I have already mentioned, it was great to read at this time of year. I read this story in two sittings but it could definitely be read in one indulgent gulp. I can’t wait for the next instalment to hit my Kindle now!”