#BFQOTY2018 by SJV
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The people (all 15 of you) have spoken!  Welcome to #BFQOTY2018.  This will be the fifth year we’ve run a (variation) of the ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ – and I hope you’ll agree this year’s the easiest yet!

It’s a pretty straightforward proposition.  Bunch of questions below, that anyone who reads the books published by us here at TeamBATC HQ should be able to answer.  Email your answers to me at bookminx@simonandschuster.co.uk (or print off and post to me : Sara-Jade Virtue, Simon & Schuster, 222 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8HB) by 5pm 13th December.  All correct responses will get put in the Big Hat Of Chance, and one lucky person will win a copy of every single book we feature over on the Books page of this site throughout 2019.  See?  Straightforward.

So, here goes.  Good luck everyone!  And, if you are wondering if it’s even worth doing in the first place – just ask our previous winners ReaHeidiSharon and Laura!

  • What was the title of the first novella in the Castle Court series?
  • Who is (character name) The Perfectly Imperfect Woman?
  • Name the octogenarian that features in the Larkford series.
  • Author of Make or Break?
  • Who travels, with her son William, to Château de Roussignol, in R&J selected You Me Everything?
  • Which Rachel Hore book features the character Briony Wood?
  • What’s the first rule of Sunday Lunch Club?
  • What novel is set in and around La Joya de Andalucía?
  • In which Paige Toon novel do Nell and Van appear?
  • Name the bookshop Frankie works at in The Book Ninja.
  • Which city is home to Nightingale Square?
  • Mamma Agata’s Cookery School appears in which novel by Santa Montefiore?
  • Which Ali Harris novel features young lovers Ryan and Molly?
  • Title of the winner of the Books and the City/Heat magazine #heatseeker short story.
  • Author of the winner of the Books and the City/Heat magazine #heatseeker Choice award.
  • Title of the book published this year, by the author of the Romantic Novel Association Award 2018?
  • Title of the Adriana Trigiani novel that features the feisty character Calla Borelli.
  • Author of The One That Got Away.
  • First published in 2007, the debut novel by Milly Johnson, reissued in October this year.
  • Which novel, by Mia March, is set on the coast of Maine at The Three Captains Inn?
  • Title of the first ever Paige Toon Christmas paperback.
  • Which Santa Montefiore novel, reissued in October this year, is set in Buenos Aires?
  • Name of the housekeeper of Wynthorpe Hall.
  • Name of the pub inherited by Nessie and Sam.
  • Name the three characters that meet at the Christmas Pudding Club?
  • Title of the Jane Costello bestseller, reissued in October this year.
  • Which novel features a café called Brew?
  • Which Melissa Hill novel features Hollywood movie loving Beth?
  • The what Secret of the Deverills?
  • Author of The Survivors.