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Where We Belong by SJV
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We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to the wonderful new Anstey Harris novel Where We Belong, out now in glorious hardback and eBook edition, with the paperback publishing 27th May 2021.






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‘After she loses her job, Cate moves to the family home of her late husband, a crumbling estate that includes a museum full of bizarre antiquities. Over an eventful summer she comes to terms with her traumatic past in this tender and romantic tale.’  Sunday Mirror

‘Single mum Cate is forced to move back to her late husband’s childhood home – a crumbling museum on a country estate. Surrounded by bizarre objects and new people the museum begins to work its magic on the little family.’  Best

‘This original and atmospheric novel is perfectly crafted and set against the vivid backdrop of the museum, it’s an enchanting tale of families, secrets and lies with an exquisite love story running through it.’  Daily Express

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One summer.
One house.
One family learning to love again.

Cate Morris and her son, Leo, are homeless, adrift. They’ve packed up the boxes from their London home, said goodbye to friends and colleagues, and now they are on their way to ‘Hatters Museum of the Wide Wide World – to stay just for the summer. Cate doesn’t want to be there, in Richard’s family home without Richard to guide her any more. And she knows for sure that Araminta, the retainer of the collection of dusty objects and stuffed animals, has taken against them. But they have nowhere else to go. They have to make the best of it.

But Richard hasn’t told Cate the truth about his family’s history. And something about the house starts to work its way under her skin. Can she really walk away, once she knows the truth?


Catriona says : ‘The thing that kept striking me and wowing me throughout this novel was the level of description we have on every single page. This was the real standout in this novel for me, I loved the imagery and I loved the pure artistry on the page. ‘ Read her full review here.

Anne says : ‘This is a story that you become entirely immersed in – it consumes you as you read, and it’s impossible not to think about it when you’re forced to set it aside. It overflows with love, every setback breaking your heart, every moment of joy making it sing.’  Read her full review here.

GingerCat says : ‘Where We Belong is a wonderfully nuanced and elegant tale of love, loss and belonging. It is charming, touching and very engaging. A truly marvellous book, which I would highly recommend.’  Read her full review here.

Linda says : ‘Where We Belong is a book of searing emotion about love, loss and the potential of the human spirit. I finished it feeling uplifted, tearful and privileged to have read it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don’t miss it.’  Read her full review here.

Shaz says : ‘Where We Belong was a page turning read for me.  It’s a story of finding a new path once the old one has gone.  It’s about dealing with the aftermath of loss and holding onto guilt –  and how it’s possible to let the light in.  It shows us it’s ok to make mistakes as we try to find our way through the emotional maze.’  Read her full review here.

Kelly says : ‘A book of intrigue and secrets, I would highly recommend this to my fellow readers.’  Read her full review here.

Hayley says : ‘I was swept away by the description… a truly beautiful tale of love, loss, friendship, families and secrets. If you don’t find yourself in tears as this novel comes to a close then do you even have a heart. Once again Anstey has written a novel that will stay with me long after I’ve closed the book.’  Read her full review here.

Simona says : ‘A wonderful read, with lots of beautiful and touching moments, with some great messages.’  Read her full review here.

Aga says : ‘The more I read, the more invested in the story I was and the more I adored this book. It is this kind of novel that has this magical “something” that you look for in your books, that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go, the best kind of “something”.’  Read her full review here.

Noemi says :  ‘Where We Belong is an engaging, inspiring, emotional, and unique story that will stay with me for a while.’  Read her full review here.

Amy says: ‘I could not praise this book more. A summer must read!’ Read her full review here.

Charlene says: ‘This is a beautifully written story about love, loss, family and secrets.  This is a quirky book and especially as we are in lockdown , use this opportunity to escape into another world through reading.’ Read her full review here.

Rea says: ‘This novel was so beautifully written and the descriptive writing made everything come to life and so easy to visualise. This is a  delicate storyline that holds heartache, secrets and determination at the centre.’ Read her full review here.

The Bookbag say : ‘A gentle story but a subtly emotional one. The kind that might just make you weep while reading it, but makes you smile for having done so.’  Read their full review here.

Joanne says : ‘I really enjoyed Where We Belong which is a charming and engaging story about past secrets and finding out, well, where you belong really and why. With its beautiful setting, fascinating characters and a few darker themes woven through the narrative, it’s a book that will touch and satisfy you.’  Read her full review here.

Laura says : ‘Where We Belong is a beautifully written, thoughtful book… uplifting and elegantly written.’   Read her full review here.

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Natasha P says: ‘Beautiful characters and setting’

Susan Anne B says: ‘What a fabulous story of family life and its ups and down and the setting for this book was beautiful’

Vanessa says: ‘An excellent read with great characters, based on the importance of love and friendship’

Heather says ‘Another delightful novel about how good comes out of bad. All about deep and heartfelt love affairs, family relationships, courage, tenacity and compromise.’

Lynne says ‘This a really uplifting story about grief, family, hope and love. It is a very real story with very genuine characters.’

Sarah says ‘Having fell in love with Grace Atherton, I was both excited and full of trepidation at reading Anstey Harris’s new novel – could it possibly match up to her debut novel that will always keep a place close to my heart? I had no need to worry, Where We Belong is everything I could hope for, and more. Although entirely different to Grace Atherton, Anstey Harris conjured up the same magic of love, loss and new beginnings in her exquisite writing.  Few books bring me to tears and few books keep me planted to a spot where ‘just one more page’ is played on repeat. Where We Belong is one of those books.’

Hollie says ‘Where We Belong is an absolutely gorgeous novel. Anstey Harris writes beautifully, with an assured and elegant tone.’

Lucille says ‘I found Where We Belong to be the perfect read while in lockdown and I’m sure it will remain so as a summer read too. I loved the warmth of the characters and the house itself, the main thread of the story.’

Joanne says ‘I loved this book – 5*’

Penny says ‘A fabulous feel good book which explores how people come to terms with grief and learn to love again. Beautifully written with characters you can really relate to – just could not put it down, five stars all the way.’

Lisa C says ‘A well written tale of love, loss, secrets and new beginnings. A beautiful book that tugs at the heartstrings.’

Lisa K says ‘I adored this story with its subtle twists and turns. The characters were brilliantly vivid, they came alive within the pages and I have to admit I shed more than a few tears. Anstey Harris has a beautiful voice; her world is so well written and imaginative, I could truly feel as though I were lost in this story. The prose is elegant, evocative and often hilarious. I will certainly be looking out for more from this author.’

Jo Y says ‘A great story from beginning to end, I loved the characters and how Leo’s character evolved. It had a bit of everything and handled some quite delicate issues’

Juliet B says ‘The beautiful writing kept me turning the pages and I enjoyed being in the world of Hatters. Another wonderful and compelling read from Anstey Harris!’

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